Introducing Curbside Concierge at Braman Miami. Let our staff deliver your new vehicle to you, curbside at the dealership.


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Then, complete your buying process with Braman Miami's Curbside Concierge

  • Drive your current vehicle to Braman Miami
  • When you arrive, call us from your vehicle
  • We'll bring your new car to you, maintaining 6+ feet of distance
  • Enjoy a solo test drive
  • Complete the sale right from your new car


Braman Miami VIP Concierge Program

Concierge VIP Service:

There are a variety of advantages in being a 'Q' concierge member. 'Q' concierge can coordinate your service appointment, loaner vehicle and any other services that Braman BMW offers, with only a simple phone call; no more waiting in line. With an appointment through 'Q' concierge, we can now offer expedited VIP service.

Vehicle Pick-up and Delivery:

'Q' membership will also entitle you to complimentary pick-up and drop-off services for your vehicle. Now you can take advantage of our BMW service department without ever coming in. We can arrange to have your vehicle picked up from your home or office and have it brought to our service facility. If alternative transportation is need, we can coordinate to have a loaner vehicle delivered as well. Contact the 'Q' concierge by calling (786) 374-2921 to schedule this service.

Guaranteed Service Loaner:

No more worrying about alternative transportation. When your BMW is at our facility for service, a 'Q' concierge can now guarantee an available loaner vehicle. Contact 'Q' concierge to schedule your next appointment.

Parts and Accessories:

'Q' members are entitled to redeem 20% on all parts and accessories. On top of this, we also offer complimentary shipping and delivery.

Braman Collision Center:

In the event of an accident, 'Q' members are eligible to redeem 20% off the insurance deductible (up to a maximum of $500). Please coordinate your visit to the Braman Collision Center through 'Q' concierge to take advantage of these savings.

Fuel Facility:

Braman has a privately-owned fuel facility, and 'Q' service members get to take advantage. When you bring your car in for service at Braman, you'll always have the opportunity to top off your tank before you leave.

Luxury Event Access:

As a leader in the automotive industry, Braman holds a series of high-level luxury events throughout the year. 'Q' Members get to have front-row access to all of these events, and we will contact you to extend an invitation whenever there is going to be an event.