Ultimate Road Trip Checklist: Maintenance & What to Pack

Ah, the open road. The sights and sites. The sounds and…smells? No matter the destination, nothing quite beats a road trip with family or close friends – especially in 2020. But making your way from A to B takes a good amount of preparation, planning and a perfectly-packed pack of stuff for the drive.

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So, toss a dart at a map and load up your SUV. The road beckons.

Maintenance Tasks

All your best-laid plans are worthless if your car breaks down mid-trip. That’s why road trip maintenance is an important task to do before numbers start rolling up…

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The Redesigned 2020 BMW X6: What's New & Refreshing

It has been just over a decade since BMW turned heads in the automotive world with the debut of the X6, the first SUV coupe. The all-new 2020 BMW X6, now in its third generation, is not only one of the most influential cars to roll out of a BMW factory, but also one of the few that created an entire class of its own.

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